2014 Charity Project


In 2014 I raised $1,500 AUD which was used to provide either a pair of gumboots, a warm quality jacket or warm pyjamas to over 250 children in the villages of Suoi Hoi, Giang Tra and Ta Phin.


This was my first small-scale project designed to test whether I could really provide practical and meaningful help directly to the children who need it most and ensure an absolute minimum of overheads.  The type of items purchased was based on advice of the local community.  This small project was a success and all those involved had a lot of fun at the same time.  The small group of local friends I worked with on this project have remained my permanent team for all subsequent projects.


Where the money was spent:         


Item                                                  AUD


100 Jackets                                   941.00

Gumboots x 90 pairs                    354.00

Baby clothes & PJ’s                        50.00

Transport                                         56.00

Guide                                              112.00

Total:                                            1,513.00


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