2015 Charity project


After the success of my first small scale project in 2014, I then raised $5,114 AUD and returned to Vietnam in August 2015.  With the help of my team of locals we sourced excellent quality jackets, clothing, gumboots and food directly from Hanoi to support children and elderly in Ta Giang Phinh, a particularly poor subsistence farming district in the mountains approximately 36 Klms from Sapa.   We worked in conjunction with the Local Committee and wherever possible we purchased products made in Vietnam to support local industry.


Where the money was spent:       

Item                                                                       AUD

Food gift Trung Tam Bao Tro Xa Hoi                  373

Jackets x 260 & Clothes  x 300                        2,360

Blankets x 14                                                           62

Gumboots x 135 pairs                                          292

Sandals x 130 pairs                                              267

Toys                                                                        280

Food for families and elderly                               653

Breakfast & Lunch - Committee & team             143

Transport in Hanoi                                                   62

Van from Hanoi to Ta Giang Phin                         311

Transport Ta Giang Phin to Sapa                           62

Local guides x 2                                                     249

Total                                                                     5,114


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