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We donated 1 Million Dong to buy material for new robes for the child monks of Thanh Lam Pagoda and provided notebooks, and stationery to help them with their studies.

Ta Giang Phinh Elementary.jpg
Ta Giang Phinh Elementary.jpg


2018 Charity Project


During 2017 we raised $3,700 to provide warm clothing and personal items for children in the remote mountain district of Ta Giang Phinh.  I was on site to deliver the gifts during the week commencing 4 February 2018.  


The weather this winter was extremely severe with heavy snowfalls and ice.  The night before the charity the temperature dropped to minus 4 degrees celcius.  


Although our budget was smaller this year, we were still able to ensure that 130 children in the villages of Cua Cai, Mong Xoa and Ban Pho received new warm clothing and personal items in time for the important Tet festival. We also provided a gift of 400,000 Dong and a large box of noodles to 10 elderly people in need.  Our friends in Hanoi also donated a further 25 sets of children's clothes and a large bag of warm second-hand adult coats.

Mr Cuong, the school sports teacher generously provided me with accommodation and transport between the villages. Miss Huyen, the school's English teacher kindly provided her excellent interpreting skills. Mr Cho, the village policeman assisted both on the day and during the following week delivering the extra clothes and jackets. Thanks also to Miss Quyen, School Principal for welcoming me to the school.  


Here is where the money was spent:

Warm Jackets X 130                  $750

Clothes.            X 130                  $750

Gumboots        X 130                  $340

Umbrellas        X 130                  $210

Face washers, tooth brushes 

  & tooth paste X 130                  $210

Noodles            X 140.                 $800

Local guides.   X 3                       $210

Donation to elderly x 10             $260

Donation to a local family

    in severe need                         $ 70

Transport to village                    $100

Total:                                          $3,700


A huge thank you to everyone who made a donation to enable this happen.  If you would like to help keep these projects going please click on the 'Donate' tab above.


We also donated 1 Million Dong to the Thanh Lam Pagoda in Hue to purchase new robes for the child Monks in training and provided them with new notebooks and stationery to assist them with their studies.  These children are sent to the Pagoda by local families to train to become monks and the Pagoda is largely responsible for accommodating, feeding and educating them.