2019 Charity project

During 2018 and early 2019 we raised $3,886 AUD, which converted to 64 million VND.  Here is how the money was spent:


On 26 February we provided a special lunch for all 104 children who attend the main Ta Giang Phinh kindergarten.  In addition, each child received a gift comprising a toothbrush, toothpaste, face washer, umbrella, 5 packets of noodles and a bag of seasoning.  We also provided a set of two new cooking pots and cooking oil for the main kindergarten and each of the other 6 smaller kindergartens in the district.  The total cost of this initiative was 15 million Dong.


On the same day we provided 45 million Dong in cash to cover the total cost of materials for the construction of a new meeting hall for the farmers in Ta Giang Phinh.  We met the community leaders and the local government treasurer (who managed the funds). I signed a contract guaranteeing that the money will be used exclusively for the construction of the hall and am pleased to report that the hall was completed in September 2019 (see photos).


Then on 14 March 2019 we donated the remaining 4 million Dong to the Thanh Lam Buddhist pagoda, about 11 km South of Hue City to support the children left in the care of the pagoda by local parents.  The head monk of the pagoda (Phap Luong) is a very highly respected monk in Vietnam.  The pagoda raises the children and ensures they attend normal school in addition to their Buddhist lessons, providing food, clothing and accommodation.  A heartfelt thanks to all who donated to enable these projects to happen.


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